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The ReNu Solar Program

The cost of electricity continues to raise about 5% each year nation wide.  Our Solar Program protects you from higher electric rates and offer both direct and third party ownership options for No money down or out of pocket.  It is an innovative way for you to save money, go green and gain financial security with minimal risk. The electricity that your panels generate can be sold to the energy company as credits on your bill and you’ll pay less on your monthly electric bill.

What if you decide to finance your solar panels?  We offer a number of trusted financing options, and we’ll help you decide which is best based on your unique situation. Our goal is to help you find a loan with a monthly payment that’s less than your current electric bill.

In most cases, your electric bill can be reduced or even zeroed out by your solar electricity credit and you are able to benefit from solar right away!

Solar Panel Installation Process in Central Pennsylvania

We keep our solar panel installation process simple, and we’ll walk you through each step:

  1. Initial consultation and assessment: We’ll come to your home and evaluate the structural integrity of your roof. Our representative will decide if any electrical components are necessary prior to your solar panel installation. We’ll also assess your energy bills and make sure panels are a worthwhile investment for your home and provide a solar solution specific to your home
  2. Determination of financing options: In the same visit, we’ll help you decide on the best financing option to focusing on your immediate and long term savings depending on your specific needs
  3. Measurements and choice of the best solution: While we’re at your home, we’ll take measurements and pictures which are submitted to our Engineering team.  Our Engineering team uses CAD software that mimics the pattern and angles of your roof. With this information, we can figure out the most efficient way to install your solar panel solution.
  4. Installation and support: We handle the engineering and installation, and we’ll help with any licensing permits to meet local zoning requirements. Our team ensures your new solar additions run at maximum potential for maximum energy savings and zero fuss.  Finally we will handle all inspections and all correspondence with your utility company making the switch to solar easy and stress free.

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How Solar Works

Is my roof right for solar?

Solar is one of the most abundant forms of energy on the planet, but how does it work? ReNu Solar panels are made of silicon.   As sunlight strikes the panels, electrons in the silicon move and produces energy.  The Solar panels collect the sun’s energy to produce electricity.

  • Typically, panels are installed on the roof of a home in a location that experiences frequent periods of direct sunlight. Even if your solar platform sits in partial shade, split cell technology and microinverters allow each cell to produce more energy for greater reliability.
  • ReNu will determine how much sunlight hits your roof so we can calculate the energy your solar system will produce and how much you can save
  • ReNu will also take care of any roofing work needed including installing a new roof with our Roof Solar Combo’s
  • The result? You’ll enjoy earning more money and doing more good for the environment

You can sell this solar energy to your Pennsylvania power utility company in a process called “net metering.” If you generate solar power, you can receive credits on your normal electricity bill for energy sent back to the grid.

Get your free energy analysis today and see how much you can save by going solar with ReNu.

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Residential Solar Panels

With solar panels from ReNu Solar, you can save money on your monthly electricity bill.  Our Solar and Roofing process makes going solar simple and easy.  We offer many different options for homeowners to choose from when deciding to make the switch to solar.

No Money Down Solar Ownership Options

ReNu offers many ways for our clients to benefit from solar energy.  Our solar ownership includes no money down options so you can benefit from day one.  With ownership you are able to sell your power back to the utility company, take advantage of the solar tax credit, and enroll in the Solar Renewable Energy Program and sell your renewable energy credits on the open market.  Don’t worry we help you every step of the way.

Power Purchase Options

ReNu also offers Pennsylvania and Maryland homeowners the ability to generate power from their roof top at a rate that is less than what they are currently paying.  This offers instant savings and is great option for our clients.

With all of our solar options you not only are going green, you are also saving green.

Harness the sun’s energy and start earning money on your power bill today. With our No Cost Solar Programs, you can enjoy financial security and energy independence for years to come with $0 initial investment.

Roof Solar Combo Options

What if you need a new roof before going solar?  We have a variety of no money down options for you to choose from.  Our roots are in roofing so we are able to ensure your roof is watertight plus you get a one-stop shop for your roof and solar all backed by our 25 year workmanship warranty.

We Handle Everything

Our goal is to make your transition to solar as easy as possible.  We will answer all of your questions, explain all of your options, and provide you with a tailor-made solar solution that is optimal for you.  We take pride in handling everything with going solar, including:

  • Products, Installation, Financing & Activation
  • All Necessary Permits and Fee’s
  • Finance Paperwork & Tax Incentives
  • Support and Service After Activation

How Our Solar Panels Are Different

ReNu Solar panels provide exceptionally high output with the latest in solar technology, as well as a sleek, modern, black-on-black design. With split cell technology and microinverters, our solar panels produce more energy, even when half of the platform is shaded. Without these silicone cell advancements, a solar panel system experiencing 50% shade would stop producing energy.

Split cell technology will help your solar panels generate the same amount of power with fewer modules, boosting overall efficiency and energy yields. Microinverters eliminate the negative effects of partial or full shading, so your panels will still generate energy. Plus, since each panel is optimized independently, you can monitor the energy production of each individual unit.

Your ReNu Solar panels can be in a partially shaded area and still create energy, helping you earn and save even more each month.


Benefits of Choosing Residential Solar Panels in Pennsylvania

With ReNu Solar, you’ll experience the following benefits:

  • Clean power: Consistent natural power from sunlight, sold back to your power company to lower your bill.
  • Renewable energy source: Help reduce the use of gas or fossil fuels with a renewable form of energy. Since sunlight never runs out, ReNu Solar panels will help you increase long-term financial security.
  • Low maintenance costs: Solar panels are sturdy and under warranty for years at a time.
  • Reduced energy bills: We’ll make sure solar panels are a smart investment for your home during the consultation, allowing you to save you money on your power bill. You’ll earn money from the electric company via net metering.
  • Increased home value: Installing solar panels creates a huge selling point that will help if you ever plan to sell your home. The average home value increases by nearly $15,000 from solar panel installation. This in itself can recoup the total cost of your solar panels.
  • Easy installation: ReNu Solar will walk you through each stage of the installation process in just a matter of days.
  • Tax Credits and Renewable Energy Credits:  For our ownership options you may be eligible for tax credits and renewable energy credits which are more ways you can make money and benefit from solar

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ReNu Solar wants to help transition your home to solar power. Contact ReNu Solar today to schedule your free in-home estimate and find out how much energy your home could produce with solar!

"Booked an appointment and by the end realized how much of a no-brainer it was. The sales consultant was excellent in providing me the information I needed and setting me up with a solar solution…the best part is that it didn’t cost me a dime out of pocket. Check them out!"

Chris Y – Carlisle, PA

"100% satisfied solar customer! I felt as if I were their only client. Any questions or concerns I had were addressed quickly if not immediately. When it comes to customer service they are in a league of their own. Very knowledgeable and professional! From the Home Show to Rick the Tree guy, this company Rocks!! Highly recommend"

Tracey S – Mechanicsburg

"Wonderful people to work with and good company!  Great installation crew! They thoroughly explained every aspect of our solar purchase and answered every one of our questions, even handled all of our paperwork with our utility company. Can’t say enough about the Re-Nu people and the company!"

Sandra B – Halifax, PA
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