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Residential Home Services

If you are thinking about going solar, getting a new roof, or having a battery installed for energy storage then you’ve come to the right place.  ReNu makes getting these services done easy, because we are your all-in-one service for your solar, energy, and roofing needs.  Solar is only getting bigger and our team of skilled installers will work to get your home complete for your switch to solar or your new roof so count on ReNu for any solar or roofing project in Harrisburg, York County and Lancaster County.

Specializing in roofing and solar technologies, ReNu experts can redesign the look and feel of your home and help you earn money from your power company with solar energy.

Our Services Include:

  • Solar – We will review your energy needs plus design and install your system
  • Roofing – We offer a certified installation using the best products in the roofing industry
  • Battery Storage – We are installation partners with companies such as Telsa and Enphase for your battery storage needs

One-Stop Shop for Solar Technology and Roofing Installation

ReNu Solar panels produce clean, renewable energy that you can sell back to Pennsylvania power companies, allowing you to lower or even zero out your monthly electricity bill. Our panels feature a sleek, black-on-black design for a seamless appearance.   Split cell technology and microinverters allow each cell to produce more energy, even in shaded areas.  While most of our competition uses bulky rails and panels with silver frame and white backsheets, ReNu focuses on both a high quality and good looking installation.

Harnessing the sun’s energy and boosting your financial security with solar panels go hand-in-hand with an upgraded roof. We offer a 25-year warranty on all of our installations. To uphold the warranty, we must make sure that your roof’s integrity will last that long. If your current roof needs to be reinforced or replaced, ReNu will draw up the perfect solution.

Keep the process simple with one company for your roofing and solar needs. We’ll map out projects to fit your schedule and guide you through each step of the process.

We Are the Trusted Experts in Roofing and Solar

We are your local solar and roofing company.  Our roots are in roofing, and our expertise in the industry has led to the success of our solar programs.  From start to finish, you will experience an easy and stress-free transition to solar.

Our Solar Panel Installation Process

Are you thinking about going solar in York, Harrisburg or Lancaster? Our straightforward process includes the following steps:

  1. Complete initial consultation and assessment: In one home visit, we’ll first evaluate your roof’s integrity and determine if you need a repair or replacement before solar panels can be safely installed. Our representative will then look over your power bills to make sure solar panels are the right investment for you and design a Solar Solution that fits your needs and explain how solar will benefit you.
  2. Determine financing options: While we’re at your home, we’ll help you choose the best financing option for your situation. Our goal is to ensure that your monthly bill will be less than your current electricity bill so that you can benefit from solar from day one.
  3. Take measurements and choose the best solution: In the same day, we’ll take pictures of your electrical box and roof.  We then use CAD software to help us determine the most efficient way to install your solar panels.  This technology will help us determine the most efficient way to install your solar panels.
  4. Install and support: We’ll handle everything — engineering, installation and any necessary licensing permits. Our installers will flash every roof penetration to ensure your roof is watertight, we then install your new panels and implement electrical writing connections.  Finally we schedule inspections and work with your utility company on your behalf. All in all, your solar panels will be ready to harness the sun’s energy and save you money.
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"Wonderful people to work with and good company!  Great installation crew! They thoroughly explained every aspect of our solar purchase and answered every one of our questions, even handled all of our paperwork with our utility company. Can’t say enough about the Re-Nu people and the company!"

Sandra B – Halifax, PA

"Great Experience! the men who installed the panels were very efficient, accommodating, and respectful of house, neighbors and property! Excellent install work AND affordable! If you’re wanting to go solar please reach out to Home ReNu, "

Michael S – Dillsburg, PA

"Booked an appointment and by the end realized how much of a no-brainer it was. The sales consultant was excellent in providing me the information I needed and setting me up with a solar solution…the best part is that it didn’t cost me a dime out of pocket. Check them out!"

Chris Y – Carlisle, PA
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