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What Makes Solar Panels a Good Investment?

Solar panels are increasing in popularity due to their many benefits. Solar technology uses the sun’s renewable energy, helping decrease reliance on conventional energy sources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The environmental advantages are undeniable, but the perks don’t stop there.

Investing in solar can slash your energy bills, saving you a great deal of money in the long term. You may pay little to nothing each month, depending on the amount of energy your panels generate and your electric company’s rates. Solar’s advantages go beyond financial — as a homeowner, you’ll see several gains when choosing solar. Learn about solar energy’s many benefits for homeowners.

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Do You Save Money With Solar Panels?

If you find yourself wondering whether solar panels are a worthwhile investment, think about your current energy usage situation. People with large properties and those who live in extreme temperature conditions often accumulate lofty energy bills. One solution for reducing these costs is to invest in solar panels. If you pay high electric bills, solar panels can decrease or even eliminate your monthly energy costs.

Earn a Credit and Pay Reduced Monthly Costs

Owning solar panels allows you to generate energy, which you can then sell back to your electric company. The utility will pay you a credit for the energy produced, which will help offset your monthly expenses. If your panels generate enough energy, your monthly costs could be zero!

Earn Tax Benefits

Investing in solar has financial benefits beyond reduced monthly bills. When you use solar panels, you benefit from any local, state and federal renewable energy tax incentive programs. Any systems installed in 2021 will earn a tax credit equal to 22% of the system’s cost, with no maximum cap. You can claim this credit on your federal income taxes. Remember, to be eligible for this credit, you must own the solar system, located at your primary or secondary United States residence.

Are Solar Panels Worth It in PA?

If you live in Pennsylvania, you may be weighing the pros and cons of going solar. A common misconception is that solar panels are only worth the investment in the world’s sunniest regions. However, solar panels can also decrease monthly costs for homeowners in Pennsylvania, especially those who regularly use a lot of energy. If you’re paying several hundred dollars for electricity each month, you may want to consider installing solar panels. As they produce energy, they decrease your monthly expenses.

Other Solar Power Benefits

Solar has many other advantages beyond financial. For some homeowners, the environmental benefits alone are enough rationale for a solar panel investment — however, solar also offers unmatched energy stability and independence. You’ll enjoy long-term reliability and fixed rates. In addition, modern solar technology allows for a seamless look, optimized performance and flexible compatibility.

Environmental Impact

If you’re looking for a way to reduce your carbon footprint and improve your environmental impact, solar is the way to go. Generating solar energy helps reduce wide-scale reliance on non-renewable energy sources, such as fossil fuels. Solar produces no air pollution or greenhouse gases, resulting in reduced emissions.

In turn, you’ll help mitigate the effects of climate change, protect the Earth’s ozone layer and improve air quality. Decreased air pollution would have a large-scale positive impact on respiratory and heart conditions. That means a safer, more sustainable environment for everyone. When you invest in solar, you invest in a bright, healthy future.

Long-Term Reliability

Solar is one of the most reliable renewable energy sources on Earth. Power from the sun is consistent, with slight variations by location and season. The southwest United States, the country’s sunniest region, receives about 5.75 kilowatt-hours per meter-squared each day, while the country’s northernmost regions receive about 4 kilowatt-hours per meter-squared each day.

Though solar energy generation is more dramatic in some regions, homeowners in any part of the country can rely on solar energy. While other resources, including other renewable resources, require careful control and responsible management, the sun will continue to supply our planet with mass quantities of energy.

Fixed Rates and Better Predictability

Because the energy comes right from the sun, solar is non-variable. The cost of electricity can be unpredictable from year to year — many factors influence energy prices.

  • Resource availability: Sometimes, demand exceeds supply, and traditional fuel resources become scarce. When this happens, prices are bound to rise.
  • Constraints or disruptions: Transport accidents, natural disasters and other unpredictable situations can decrease fuel availability, resulting in higher prices.
  • Legislation: Another essential factor is government regulations, including taxes and tariffs, which can significantly influence energy prices.

Solar is a much more predictable and reliable energy source than its alternatives. When you buy solar, you can sign on for fixed rates. That way, your finances will be more stable from month to month and year to year, without dependence on so many external factors.

Advanced Technology for Optimal Performance

Thanks to silicone cell technology advancements, modern solar panels will still produce energy when half the platform is under shade. Almost any solar array can generate solar power, even for homeowners who live in areas that see many cloudy days. If your roof sits in partial shade, you may still benefit from installing solar panels.

Seamless Look

Solar panels need not be a neighborhood eyesore, and you don’t have to compromise your home’s charm to use renewable energy. Today’s solar panels are more than merely practical — they’re also stylish. With black panels on black roofing, the overall effect will be seamless and fashionable. Sleek, modern solar panels will contribute to your home’s curb appeal and resale value.

Half-Cut Cells for Limited Roof Space

Half-cut solar cells are smaller, so they allow for solar usage with limited space. A half-cell module is also more efficient. Cutting their currents in half reduces their resistance loss, resulting in higher power output. Another benefit of a half-cut cell is a potentially longer life. With decreased mechanical stress, cracking is less likely.

Should You Go Solar? Contact ReNu Solar to Learn More!

Solar energy is effective, reliable and renewable. Solar technology is more efficient and advanced than ever before, making it feasible and beneficial for a broader range of homeowners. When you invest in solar, you help create a cleaner, safer environment while reaping financial benefits. Solar is a win-win investment for any homeowner.

If you’re looking for solar energy in Pennsylvania, consider ReNu Solar. At ReNu Solar, we offer a no-cost solar program — we’ll make sure your monthly costs decrease with your solar panel investment. Find out if solar is a worthwhile investment for you — schedule a free in-home estimate today.


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