The Truth About Solar

There have been quite a few rumors about solar panels. We need to break down the facts. What are some of the myths about solar panels and the actual truth?



Do Solar Panels Produce Energy in The Fall & Winter?

Yes, they actually work better in cooler climates. Cool and sunny weather is best for solar. Just make sure they are not covered in snow.



Are Solar Systems Too Expensive?

The answer is no. Right now it is at an all-time low and is the best time to go solar. You can purchase or lease solar panels. 



Can You Move After Installing Solar Panels?

If you purchased your solar panels it will make it easier to sell your house and add value. If you leased you solar panels it may be harder to sell your house and it does not add value to your home.



Solar Homes are Complicated & High Maintenance.

Solar home systems are reliable. They do require caring for and being clean to stay in top shape. Nature does happen such as fallen trees, strong winds and other things. Other than dramatic occasions they should last you 25 plus years.



Solar Panels are Outdated Rather Fast.

Solar panels are a big investment but not to worry about being outdated fast. Typically an installation will last 25 plus years. This doesn’t mean the system will stop creating electricity after a couple decades. Solar panels made in the 80s are still producing clean energy today.



After reading the following myths and truths, starting a solar journey won’t just help you take control of your electric bills but could also save you thousands of dollars in electricity costs during the next 25 plus years. If you’re interested, give us a call at ReNu Solar & Roofing.


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