Why It’s Essential to Have Professionals Install Your Solar Panels

Considering the many reasons to go solar, a homeowner can earn some excellent advantages when installing solar panels. You’ll go green and give back to the planet, and you may also generate enough extra energy to sell back to your utility provider. 

If you’re considering making the switch, you should know one of the most critical parts of the process is deciding who to hire. A licensed, seasoned professional can make the difference between an energy-efficient, high-yield system and one that doesn’t work as it should. Learn about the benefits of picking the right installation service and how to compare solar companies the right way.

The Benefits of Working With Seasoned Solar Professionals

More than four in 10 homeowners are considering solar panels for their homes. Many of these property owners overlook the importance of professional installation. They may try to save some money by going with the company that offers the lowest quote or even attempt a DIY installation.

Choosing a skilled professional offers you many advantages, and the extra costs don’t add up to much more than you’d pay for a cheaper option. Since you’ll realize fantastic savings over your current energy bill, it makes sense to invest a bit more in a professional service that will help you gain the maximum energy yield and benefits from your solar panel system. Consider the following factors.

1. The Panels’ Quality

Not all solar panels and related equipment are the same. Panels with different technology and quality have varying efficiency levels. Most rooftop solar panels peak at 18% efficiency, with some only reaching 11% efficiency. Choosing the wrong type could limit your energy production capacity.

Your equipment could also have a shorter life span, which may affect your ability to gain cost savings from solar. If your panels give out before you’ve saved enough money on energy bills to cover materials and installation, you lose any potential DIY installation benefits. 

When you work with a trustworthy professional, you get their expertise and time-tested materials. Professional solar installers know which products hold up for their customers because they’re the ones who get the call if something doesn’t work. They can recommend and install the panels that will work best and provide the most efficiency. 

At ReNu Solar, our panels offer the latest in solar technology. The secret is advancements like split cells and microinverters. They produce more energy, even when the panels have partial shade cover. The cell advancements let you gain a higher energy yield per panel. The microinverters keep the cells generating energy, even in 50% shade. 

2. Curb Appeal

As solar power becomes a more realistic option for homeowners everywhere, you may notice some solar panels look different from others. Aesthetics is an essential factor in choosing the best solar panels for your home. Many communities object to solar panels because they have a reputation for being eyesores. Indeed, many of the solar panels you’re used to, especially older designs, include visible white backings. Some have a bluish shimmer, which leaves a stark contrast with the roofs. However, even black panels with white backing will stand out.

The most attractive option, which is also newer technology, are panels with a black frame and black backing. Black-on-black panels are sleek and low-profile, so they’ll blend into your roof better. They’re silicon and have an anti-reflective coating, which improves energy output and makes the panels more attractive. Plus, with professional system design and quality installation, any wiring or other hardware stays out of sight.

3. Safe and Correct Installation

Unless you’re an electrician, DIY solar can become a pretty confusing job. First, many of the DIY solar kits available on the market don’t connect with the grid. Instead, they’re for small, off-grid applications, like sheds or recreational vehicles. That isn’t how roof solar panels work.

It surprises some people that installing solar panels on your roof won’t directly power the home. Instead, you’ll be selling 100% of the power you generate back to the utility company, which offsets your energy bill. An off-the-grid solar installation doesn’t let you earn credits from the utility company. You need lots of technical skills to safely wire the system to the power grid, beyond many DIYers’ abilities.

Besides the panels themselves, solar installations also involve setting up inverters, batteries and meters. Even if you go the DIY route, you need a licensed electrical contractor to sign off on everything. Professional installers have been in the business for years and have all the certifications required to perform safe solar and electrical work in your area. You can’t gain that kind of hands-on experience with even the best video tutorials.

4. Time Savings

Besides the installation itself, installing solar panels can be an involved, timely process. When you do it on your own, you must design your structure, navigate permitting in your town and discuss the job with your utility company. At ReNu, we take all the hassle and time out of switching to solar power. As solar installers in Pennsylvania, we’re familiar with your county and city permitting processes and fee structures. We’ll pull all the necessary paperwork and make your system compliant. 

We also correspond with the utility companies, which are notoriously slow to respond to requests. We have a team dedicated to planning solar installations and net metering with the utility company, and our established relationship speeds up the process.

Finally, we’re experts in the financing and tax incentives available to Pennsylvania residents for solar panels. We’ll help you find a loan for your project, so you pay less than your current monthly energy bill. Plus, we take all the steps needed for you to realize your maximum solar tax breaks and incentives.

5. Cost Savings

One of the top reasons homeowners go with a less-qualified professional or a DIY solar kit is the perceived cost savings. While you’ll save on labor, you could pay for it if the installation is incorrect or your panels break prematurely.

Many solar panel manufacturers only honor their warranties on products that had an approved installer. Trustworthy professional installers also offer a workmanship warranty. In our case, we back our handiwork for 25 years. You can trust your panels to hold up for years to come, which saves you money on repairs or calling a pro to salvage a DIY installation.

Professional installation companies also offer strategies to help homeowners save money without having to climb their roofs themselves. Here at ReNu, we’ll help you navigate tax benefits and selling solar energy to the utility company for energy credits. We also offer money-saving purchasing options, including our no-money-down ownership program.

  1. Best Placement for Maximum Efficiency

Solar placement is an exact science. Professionals use advanced solar technology to determine the best placement for maximum solar output.

Things to Consider When Hiring a Solar Installer

Once you realize the benefits of working with an experienced solar panel installer, the next step is to compare companies. What should you think about when hiring a solar panel installation company? Here are a few things to evaluate.

  • Roofing capabilities: Your solar panels’ integrity relies on a sound roof. Many homeowners need to upgrade their roof before it’s ready to hold solar panels. That’s why it’s smart to hire a solar company that also provides roofing services. Companies like ReNu will work a roof inspection into your initial consultation and take care of any repairs or replacements needed, all in one affordable package. ReNu offers an excellent roof-solar combo option, ensuring a watertight roof and a solid foundation for your new panels.
  • Experience and expertise: When evaluating solar panel installers in your area, check out their experience and technical know-how. When a technician comes over for an in-home estimate, ask about their years in the business, state certifications and licenses and any other relevant expertise.
  • Customer satisfaction: Gauge each solar company’s reliability by their customer reviews. Check out the testimonials listed on their website, alongside the reviews left around the web. Their average star rating is an excellent overall indicator, and a deeper dive into the comments will give you a sense of the kinds of people you’d be working with.

Schedule Your Free In-Home Estimate From ReNu Solar

Home ReNu is a solar installation company in Pennsylvania that aims to make getting solar panels as convenient as possible. We know transitioning to solar is a significant decision. To help you make the switch, we provide you with a free quote and a free in-home evaluation. We’ll help you determine if solar is a worthwhile investment for your home, given your sunlight exposure and current energy usage.

We also make the process fast and smooth by handling everything from system design to support after installation. Leave everything to us, and maximize your solar power generation and savings with our expertise.

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