How to Save Energy When Working From Home

More people are working from home than ever. In fact, with the current state of affairs, nearly 42% of the U.S. labor force has vacated their businesses and are now doing their jobs remotely. With that incredible flexibility comes one pitfall — energy use. Previously, for eight hours a day, your house stood empty. Zero people meant very limited energy usage. Thankfully, there are a few ways you can stay efficient even while working from home.

5 Energy Saving Tips When Working From Home

If you’re looking to keep your energy bill under control even while working from home, here are five tips for conserving energy and saving money.

1. Stay in One Place

As you roam from one room to another, you undoubtedly flip on light switches, turn on TVs and use other electronic devices. Instead, having one dedicated workspace during your working hours can help limit the power you use in otherwise empty rooms.

2. Turn Off Lights

Natural light is a beautiful thing — and a useful thing. Instead of relying on overhead lighting, take advantage of your windows during the day.

Once the sun begins to set, you still don’t need to use energy-sucking overhead lighting. Task lighting or a small desk lamp should be sufficient when you’re busy at work. Be sure to turn the lights off when you leave a room, too.

3. Keep Your Thermostat Off When Possible

Your HVAC uses the most energy in your home by far, especially for those with electric heat. If you can turn it off while you’re working, you can save yourself a lot of money on your energy bill. During the winter, open up the shades or blinds in your home. Letting the sun in is a natural way to warm your rooms and limit how much you need to turn up the heat. In summer, you’ll need to take the opposite approach. Keep your shades drawn to keep the whole house a bit cooler.

4. Close Doors During the Day

Previous to working from home, you were able to adjust the thermostat more during the day since no one would be home. You can mimic this by closing doors and shutting air vents to rooms that are not in use during the day.

5. Avoid Leaving Your Devices Charging

Depleting the battery on all your devices is not a bad thing. In fact, cycling the battery on your laptop, cell phone and other electronic devices is good for them. Keeping your electronics plugged in when they’re fully charged sucks unnecessary energy and reduces their battery life. Pay attention and unplug devices once they’ve reached their maximum charge level.

Another tip is to unplug devices that you only use occasionally. This could include printers, scanners and even your small kitchen appliances.

6. Invest in Solar Panels

If remote work is your status quo, that means that your home is now your residence and your business. Now is the perfect time to make your home more energy-efficient. Solar panels from ReNu Solar are a simple, environmentally friendly way to save money on your monthly energy bill.

The cost of electricity will continue to rise each year. Solar panels are a smart investment that gives you a clean, renewable energy source that you can rely on day after day — year after year. The ReNu Solar Program actually allows you to earn money from the electric company via net metering. You can go green and save green at the same time.

At ReNu Solar, we handle everything from financing and installation to support after activation. Contact us today to learn whether your home is a good candidate for solar.

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