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What Makes Solar Panels a Good Investment?

Solar panels are increasing in popularity due to their many benefits. Solar technology uses the sun’s renewable energy, helping decrease reliance on conventional energy sources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The environmental advantages are undeniable, but the perks don’t stop there. Investing in solar can slash your energy bills, saving you a great deal of money in the long term. You may pay little to…

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The Truth About Solar

There have been quite a few rumors about solar panels. We need to break down the facts. What are some of the myths about solar panels and the actual truth?     Do Solar Panels Produce Energy in The Fall & Winter? Yes, they actually work better in cooler climates. Cool and sunny weather is best for solar. Just make sure they are not covered…

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Two Myths About Solar Power Busted

Believe it or not, the first method for generating solar power was invented almost 200 years ago. Commercially viable solar panels, on the other hand, only emerged in the last decade. So, it’s no surprise to see a lot of misconceptions about solar energy still floating around. Today will focus on two of the most common myths we encounter.   Myth #1: Your Solar Panels Won’t…

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Should You Buy or Lease Your Solar System?

Solar panels are fast becoming a regular feature of the American landscape. But a lot of people are surprised to learn that not all the installations popping up on their daily commute actually belong to the homeowner. Though many who make the switch to solar power do either buy the system outright or get financing from a bank, a significant number find it’s better to lease…

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The Design & Construction of Solar Panels

How Solar Energy Works Electrical current is a flow of electrical charge created by the movement of sub-atomic particles called electrons.  A material like copper conducts electricity because it contains electrons that aren’t bound to any particular molecule and, hence, are capable of moving through it.  Sunlight is composed of subatomic particles called photons. If a photon in a beam of light striking a conducting…

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A Technological Breakthrough Just Brought Us Closer To A Day When Solar Power Is Even Greener

The Efficiency of Organic Solar Panels Solar panels composed of organic materials like carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, fluorine, oxygen, and sulfur have been around since 1954 and feature a lot of advantages. Besides being easy to recycle, the materials are cheap and abundant. So organic solar cells are actually cheaper to produce than the silicon-based ones in commercial use today. They’re also lighter and more flexible, making them easier to…

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26% Solar Tax Credit Extended Through 2022

The $1.4 trillion federal spending package signed into law at the end of 2020 contained some good news for Americans looking to convert to solar energy. The 26% solar investment tax credit (ITC) that was just a few days away from expiring got extended for another two years. So, any solar installation that begins construction before 2023 will still be eligible for the full 26% tax credit….

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Understanding Your Solar Proposal: kW vs. kWh

If you’re like most people, you probably use the terms solar power and solar energy interchangeably. And that’s perfectly fine in casual conversation. Scientifically speaking, however, power and energy are actually quite different concepts. And understanding that difference turns out to be absolutely crucial when trying to determine the savings you’ll realize by generating your own electricity from the sun instead of buying it from…

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What Direction Should Your Solar Panels Face?

More and more people are turning to solar power in these uncertain times.  Apart from decreasing or outright eliminating electric bills and the environmental benefits of a clean and renewable source of energy, many homeowners want the security of knowing they’re not dependent on the power grid for their essential electricity needs that going solar brings. But is every home amenable to a solar system? …

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Choosing A Solar Installer: Local vs. National

It’s a basic law of economics that when demand starts to seriously increase the number of suppliers is bound to follow suit. So, given the enormous growth in the solar energy market, it’s not at all surprising that consumers and business owners alike looking to go solar find themselves with more and more companies to choose. Nor is it surprising that huge corporations, sensing an…

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"Great Experience! the men who installed the panels were very efficient, accommodating, and respectful of house, neighbors and property! Excellent install work AND affordable! If you’re wanting to go solar please reach out to Home ReNu, "

Michael S – Dillsburg, PA

"Wonderful people to work with and good company!  Great installation crew! They thoroughly explained every aspect of our solar purchase and answered every one of our questions, even handled all of our paperwork with our utility company. Can’t say enough about the Re-Nu people and the company!"

Sandra B – Halifax, PA

"100% satisfied solar customer! I felt as if I were their only client. Any questions or concerns I had were addressed quickly if not immediately. When it comes to customer service they are in a league of their own. Very knowledgeable and professional! From the Home Show to Rick the Tree guy, this company Rocks!! Highly recommend"

Tracey S – Mechanicsburg
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