Do Solar Panels Increase The Value of Your Home?

People decide to install a solar system in their homes for a number of different reasons. Some folks are looking to switch to a renewable form of energy, so they’re not depleting the earth’s finite resources every time they switch on a light. Others are concerned about the disastrous environmental impact coal-burning plants have on our land, air, and water. Some turn to clean green…

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Why It’s Essential to Have Professionals Install Your Solar Panels

Considering the many reasons to go solar, a homeowner can earn some excellent advantages when installing solar panels. You’ll go green and give back to the planet, and you may also generate enough extra energy to sell back to your utility provider.  If you’re considering making the switch, you should know one of the most critical parts of the process is deciding who to hire. A…

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How to Save Energy When Working From Home

More people are working from home than ever. In fact, with the current state of affairs, nearly 42% of the U.S. labor force has vacated their businesses and are now doing their jobs remotely. With that incredible flexibility comes one pitfall — energy use. Previously, for eight hours a day, your house stood empty. Zero people meant very limited energy usage. Thankfully, there are a few ways…

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Saving The Environment with Solar

How Do Solar Panels Help The Environment? Everyone knows that switching to solar energy is an environmentally beneficial way to reduce or even completely eliminate your monthly electric bill.  But you may be surprised to learn just how environmentally friendly going solar turns out to be.   Saving The Air We Breathe The most obvious benefit of generating your own power from sunlight is the…

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How Solar Power Is Created

The Power You Need The electricity powering your home is a flow of electrical charge created by the movement of tiny negatively charged subatomic particles called electrons. Though it’s often claimed that electrical current is composed of the electrons themselves, this isn’t really true. Your appliances run on AC or alternating current, meaning the flow of electrical charge is constantly switching directions. AC current in…

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AC vs. DC & Solar Power

AC vs. DC and Solar Power   Creating free electrical power from the sun’s rays requires more than just solar panels. Devices called inverters are necessary to convert the DC current produced by your panels into the AC current your home runs on. But a very small quantity of energy is lost in the process. So, when shopping for a solar system, make sure the energy…

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Albert Einstein & The Science of Solar Power

Albert Einstein is famous for revolutionizing physics with his Theory of Relativity. But did you know Einstein also discovered the science behind the solar technology now revolutionizing the way we produce energy? In fact, Einstein was awarded his Nobel Prize, not for his famous equation E=MC2, but for the groundbreaking theory of light he developed to explain something called the Photoelectric Effect. And the Photoelectric…

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Benefits of Solar

BENEFITS OF SOLAR Make now the time you embrace the benefits of solar energy. Around the world, so many people and businesses have begun to adopt solar power that for the last decade, each year has seen an increase in power output from solar of 40%. Solar power offers you numerous benefits for your home, your wallet and the planet. By installing solar panels, your…

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"100% satisfied solar customer! I felt as if I were their only client. Any questions or concerns I had were addressed quickly if not immediately. When it comes to customer service they are in a league of their own. Very knowledgeable and professional! From the Home Show to Rick the Tree guy, this company Rocks!! Highly recommend"

Tracey S – Mechanicsburg

"Wonderful people to work with and good company!  Great installation crew! They thoroughly explained every aspect of our solar purchase and answered every one of our questions, even handled all of our paperwork with our utility company. Can’t say enough about the Re-Nu people and the company!"

Sandra B – Halifax, PA

"Booked an appointment and by the end realized how much of a no-brainer it was. The sales consultant was excellent in providing me the information I needed and setting me up with a solar solution…the best part is that it didn’t cost me a dime out of pocket. Check them out!"

Chris Y – Carlisle, PA
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